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Parent School Compact

 At Henry Legacy Middle School, we understand the importance of alignment within the school community in order to achieve our mission of preparing scholars to compete, achieve, and lead in college and in life. This mission can be best achieved when scholars, families, and school staff are all actively involved in education and working to meet the school’s cultural and curricular expectations. We all share the responsibility of promoting student learning and, as educational partners, we value each person’s contribution to our school community. The following contract outlines the expectations that need to be met to best support student learning, and will be signed each year by the parent/guardian, scholar, and teacher.

Parents & Guardians

I/We agree to:

  • Read with your scholar for at least 20 minutes every night.
  • Support a rigorous academic program, and a strong, positive school culture focused on Social Intelligence, Self-Control, Zest, Grist, Curiosity, Gratitude and Optimism.
  • Ensure my scholar is at school on time, in dress code, and is only absent in the case of illness.
  • Monitor my scholar’s school work, homework, grades, and behavior reports regularly.
  • Communicate regularly with teachers and staff and attend the required parent events including conferences.
  • Actively engage in support if my scholar receives multiple violations, which could include daily communications, weekly meetings, and/or a Saturday meeting.
  • If necessary, engage in thoughtful discussion with administrators about remedial support and/or retention.


Parent Signature _____________________________________________________________



I agree to:

  • Show respect to my peers and adults in all classes and school events.
  • Commit myself to Social Intelligence, Self-Control, Zest, Grist, Curiosity, Gratitude and Optimism all day, every day, and seek help when I need it.
  • Arrive at school on time, every day, prepared to learn.
  • Complete my homework and read every night.


Scholar Signature _______________________________________________________________


Teachers and Staff

We agree to:

  • Arrive at school on time and prepared for an academically rigorous, values-driven environment every day.
  • Assess scholars regularly and fairly.
  • Enforce all rules and policies consistently and fairly.
  • Communicate with parents openly, honestly and frequently with both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Maintain the highest standards of academic performance and conduct.


Teacher Signature ___________________________________

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our goal is to prepare students socially and academically for success in high school, college, and career.  This year we have implemented a system called On/Off-Track.  Students are expected to meet three expectations to be considered On-Track.

  1. Academics – all assignments turned in and no less than a 2.5 Grade Point Average

Get back On-Track by making up missing assignments 

  1. Attendance – No more than 2 days absent in a quarter

Get back On-Track by staying in with a teacher during 4 lunch periods or a total of 2 hours with a teacher after school for each day after missing 2 in a quarter

  1. Behavior – Not being assigned time in our In-School Intervention Room (ISIR) or an Out of School Suspension (OSS)

Get back On-Track by staying in with a teacher during 4 lunch periods or a total of 2 hours with a teacher after school for each ISIR or OSS incident.

Students who meet the above expectations and are On-Track at the end of each quarter are eligible to participate in various school activities and celebrations.  1st quarter trip will be to Jump Street, 2nd quarter will be a movie off campus, 3rd quarter will be to Boondocks, and our 8th grade 4th quarter (end of year activities) will be continuation, the annual 8th grade BBQ, and a field trip to Elitches.  8th grade students must be On-Track to attend any or all of the end of year activities.        

It is our goal to have all of our students On-Track and able to attend school activities and celebrations.  For questions, please contact Henry’s main office at 720-423-9560 and ask for Mr. Kitch.


Lani Nobles, Principal

Michael Kitch, Assistant Principal

Estimados Padres/Guardianes,

Nuestra meta es preparar a los estudiantes socialmente y académicamente para éxito en la escuela preparatoria, la universidad y su carrera. Este año estamos implementando un Sistema de “On/Off-Track” (cumpliendo/no cumpliendo con las expectativas).  Los estudiantes deben cumplir con tres expectativas para considerarse “On-Track” (cumpliendo con las expectativas).

  1. Aspecto Académico – todos los trabajos escolares son entregados a tiempo

Pueden regresar a estar “On-Track” completando trabajos no entregados

  1. Asistencia – No más de 2 días ausentes cada mitad de semestre

Pueden regresar a estar “On-Track” quedándose con un(a) maestro(a) durante 4 periodos de almuerzo o un total de 2 horas con un(a) maestro(a) después de clases por cada día perdido después de 2 ausencias durante una mitad de semestre  

  1. Comportamiento – Que no se les asigne tiempo en nuestro Salón de Intervención Dentro de la Escuela (ISIR) o una Suspensión Fuera de la Escuela (OSS)

Pueden regresar a estar “On-Track” con un(a) maestro(a) durante 4 periodos de almuerzo o un total de 2 horas con un(a) maestro(a) después de escuela por cada incidente de ISIR o OSS.

Los alumnos que cumplen con las expectativas mencionadas arriba y están “On-Track” al terminar cada mitad de semestre son elegibles para participar en varias actividades escolares y celebraciones. Nuestro paseo de 7º grado para la 4ª mitad de semestre (paseo para terminar el año) será a Boondocks. Nuestras actividades para el 8º grado para la 4ª mitad de semestre (actividades para terminar el año) será participar en la Continuación, el BBQ anual del 8º grado, y la excursión escolar a Elitches. Los alumnos del 8º grado deben estar On-Track para asistir a cualquiera o todas las actividades al para terminar el año. 

Es nuestra meta que todos nuestros estudiantes estén On-Track (cumpliendo con las expectativas) y que puedan asistir a las actividades escolares y celebraciones. Para preguntas, favor de comunicarse con la oficina principal de Henry al 720-423-9560 y preguntar por el Sr. Kitch.


Lani Nobles, Director

Michael Kitch, Subirector

Dear parents,
Henry has 4 grading periods for the 2017-18 school year.  2 grading periods each semester.  The 2 grading periods in each semester average into the semester grade.  Below is a breakdown of how grading is scheduled through the year.    
1st Semester
Oct 20th
            1st 9 weeks = Grading Period #1
Dec 21st
            2nd 9 weeks = Grading Period #2
2nd semester
Mar 9th
            3rd 9 weeks = Grading Period #3
May 31st 
            4th 9 weeks = Grade #4

8th Grade:

Units of study include:

  1. Analyzing Theme and Author’s Craft in Narrative Writing Finding Home: Refugees
    · Primary Text: Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai
  2. Working with Evidence—A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Comedy of Control
    · Primary Text: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
  3. Understanding Perspectives
    3A: Japanese-American Relations in World War II
    · Primary Text: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand
    3B: The Civil Rights Movement and the Little Rock Nine
    · Primary Text: A Mighty Long Way by Carlotta Walls LaNier
  4. Research, Decision-Making, and Forming Positions—Sustainability of World’s Food Supply
    · Primary Text: The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Our objectives in Language Arts include:

  1. Derive the meaning of words from context.
  2. Identify and analyze theme over the course of a text.
  3. Cite textual evidence that supports both what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
  4. Identify and analyze the author’s purpose.
  5. Evaluate the validity of evidence.
  6. Create a well written argument with clear claims and supporting evidence.
  7. Engage in a range of collaborative discussions.
  8. Use and understand grade level academic vocabulary correctly.

8th Grade

Curriculum: CMP3

  1. Linear and Inverse Variations
  2. Exponential Functions
  3. Making Sense of Symbols
  4. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
  5. Quadratic Functions
  6. Families of Functions
  7. Variability and Associations in Categorical Data
  8. Pythagorean Theorem and Irrational Numbers
  9. Symmetry and Transformations

Mathematical Practices we will be working on in 6th – 8th grade

  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  3. Construct viable arguments and critique others’ reasoning.
  4. Model with mathematics.
  5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  6. Attend to precision.
  7. Look for and make use of structure.
  8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

8th Grade

Textbook: Interactions in Physical Science

Units of study include:

  1. Building a Foundation (The Scientific Method)
  2. Interactions and Energy
  3. Interactions and Forces (Newton’s Laws)
  4. Interactions and Conservation
  5. Material and their interactions (properties of the Periodic Table)
  6. Physical Interactions and Phases\
  7. Chemical Interactions

Our objectives in science include:

  1. Ask questions and define problems.
  2. Develop and use models.
  3. Plan and carry out investigations.
  4. Analyze and interpret data (i.e., observations, graphs).
  5. Use mathematics and computational thinking.
  6. Construct explanations (claims, evidence, reasoning) and design solutions.
  7. Engage in arguments (rebuttal) from evidence.
  8. Obtain, evaluate and communicate information


8th Grade

(Colorado State Standards emphasize American History and Government):

Textbook: TCI History Alive!: The United States through Industrialism

Units of study include:

  1. The American Revolution
  2. The Constitution of the United States
  3. Westward Expansion
  4. The Changing Nation (Immigration, Industrialization, and Reform)
  5. The Divided Nation (The American Civil War)
  6. Reconstruction
  7. (Economics/Personal Financial Literacy Unit)

Main concepts/ideas in social studies include:

A. Obtain, evaluate and communicate information by varied means.
B. Analyze and interpret data (i.e. observations, graphs, sources, maps, etc.).
C. Utilize social studies themes to understand history, the world in which we live, and how these things are related to each other and to modern humans. (Commonality & Diversity, Conflict & Cooperation, Continuity & Change, Individualism & Interdependence, and Interaction Within Different Environments).
D. Understand and evaluate choices based on circumstances—why do/did people do what they do in a given situation? What different outcomes were/are possible?
E. Understand Culture, Government/Civics, and Economy and our roles in these systems.
F. Reinforce non-fiction reading and writing skills.
G. Engage in arguments (rebuttal) from evidence.
H. Promote inquiry and open-mindedness throughout all areas of study.

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